More about advertising and a good poduct

Advertising can give you insight into the best products

Did you ever notice that some manufacturers and dealers advertise price discounts almost constantly. On the other hand, some manufacturers and dealers never advertise price or discount at all.                              expenses

An example would be Mercedes-Benz.  You will never see an advertisement about discounting or a special price.  A lease payment, yes. A MSRP number, yes but nothing offering a discounted deal.  They don’t do that type of advertising for a very good reason. Distressed. They don’t want anyone to think their merchandise is distressed.  They don’t want to make price the reason to buy.  Mercedes is all about quality, safety and state of the art.   There are other companies like that as well. Acura for one and Honda seldom mention price and only occasionally mention interest rate.  These companies have set a fair price and, although I am sure their dealers will wheel and deal, they are comfortable with their numbers.


There are other manufacturers and dealers that talk about price almost all the time.  A company or product sells what it has to offer.  A top quality product sells quality, A lower product with a discounted price, sells price.  The only problem is that if you aren’t selling quality then you probably have a few short comings in the quality or safety or resale area.

It’s the same with the local dealer. This is what you have to look at when you are going to shop for a car.  If a dealer constantly talks about thousands in discounts and thousands in additional trade ins what does that usually mean?  If the dealer isn’t your brother or family, then it’s probably that the original price is Bogus.

These crazy discounts and trade ins confuse the market and the deal.  They don’t show any respect for your intelligence or your needs. What do you do about it?

First you shop only products and ignore the deal numbers.   Cars and trucks have an MSRP that is on the Monroney label in the window. That label explains the manufacturers suggested retail price. If you are trying to stick to a price area, use that label as a reference while you shop product.  Once you have picked out the vehicle or vehicles that you would like, get started with the price process.  Email the dealers for a price quote, Get the Total bottom line. The Out The Door number including any rebates or special interest rates. (Remember, special interest rates and rebates are on vehicles that are currently distressed).  Compare those numbers and products. Never mind all the hoopla about discount. Once you have prices and found out about after sale advantages like loaner vehicles or location or service hours,  now it’s time to shop your trade.   Get a purchase offer from an independent used car dealer then go to the dealers and get a trade in price from them.

peace of mind

These are the things you need to consider and do if you want the very best deal possible.   If you would like to know more about the vehicles with the best quality and reputation, read the auto edition of Consumer Reports magazine.  If you email me I will tell you what manufacturers I have learned are the best.  if you need more to read about the process of buying a car, truck  or a motorcycle get my book and read it! “The Informed Buyer” on Amazon/Kindle or Barnes and Noble/Nook.




About Geoffrey Jerome

I am a 35 year veteran of the automobile and motorcycle industry, author of nine published books, soon to be ten, Both fiction and nonfiction. I have two super kids, actually adults. I am Formerly from upstate New York, Ithaca. I like photography, technology, podcasting
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